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The process of deciding on a design for your furniture can be a daunting one.

We will take time to guide you through the process offering as much or as little advice as required. Sometimes a gentle nudge is all that's required to bring a concept to life.

All you need to do is give as a call or drop us an email and we can have a casual chat about what you want to achieve. We are happy to come and visit you or arrange for you to come and visit us at our workshop. At the workshop you will be able to appreciate the craftsmanship, which goes into each piece of furniture.

If your project requires us to coordinate with your home or office or your furniture is to be fitted, we may need to measure and evaluate on-site.

From here we can discuss the possibilities, match existing materials, colours, styles and assess space requirements.

We will provide you with costings to help you make choices that will realise your dreams within your budget.